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IPA.Education is a division of the Integrative Providers Association that provides education for IPA Members and Providers practicing Integrative Medicine. Accredited coursework is available for ALL LICENSED HEALTHCARE PROVIDERS now online through, IPA.Education.

Our modern global healthcare systems are rooted in, and dependent upon, technologies and the vast realm of information exchanged on the internet, as such determining what is valid and what is misinformation can be daunting at times. The IPA is focused on making everything more convenient and accessible for providers when time is a critical factor, including education. 

In that spirit, the IPA, and IPA.Education, mobilize education, ongoing instruction and credentialing to make it all more accessible, and more than possible to advance the needle on a global scale by providing educational content, and information, in multiple languages across the online format. Based in Washington, D.C, Reno Nevada and Portland, Oregon, our team comprises dedicated individuals who are experts in their fields and are eager to share their knowledge and skills with providers who are looking for an education in those specialties, and an opportunity to make a difference- with providers just like you.

With IPA, and IPA.Education, you can complete course modules and earn Educational Contact Hours without ever having to step foot outside of your home or work. In the incredibly competitive integrative health and wellness industries of today, providers need to be up to date on their skills and knowledge of the emerging trends that dominate their niches.

Providers can browse through the various courses that IPA offers and find the topics they are most interested in learning more about. From integrative medicine to business management and emerging technologies, tailored to be delivered in a number of languages spoken all around the world, one will find short courses that they can take to become a knowledgeable provider in no time.

Discover-Educate-Unite-Empower your future today by joining the IPA and enrolling in IPA.Education courses and discover your potential.


The vision of the IPA, and IPA’s Educational Content Development Committee (IPA.Education) is to enhance the quality of healthcare, and professional standards using the latest in training and technologies. This becomes especially important when you take the ever evolving and changing natures of the worlds of information technology and the contemporary business and public communications industries into consideration.


The IPA’s Educational Content Development Committee (IPA.Education) mission is provide an online platform for the IPA to carry out its mission of advancing the societal benefits of Integrative Medicine in the established healthcare, legislative and socioeconomic systems that currently serve the greater population of public health globally, focusing on Discovering- Educating- Uniting- Empowering providers while providing Integrative Wholeness and Inclusion for the betterment of tomorrow.


Geared towards ALL Licensed Healthcare Professionals, providers will find great variety as well as focus in the knowledge and training that we offer through our short courses. IPA’s aim is to help you discover, educate, unite and empower providers to develop and certify their skills and  knowledge through an efficient and effective system providing accountability and transparency. While the IPA Conferences & Events Committee (IPAConferences.org) is responsible for the different conferences, events and training seminars held for in-person contact, IPA.Education  courses contain the same information and can be completed 100% online in their entirety. The courses span some of the following categories:


The integrative healthcare, health and wellness industries have changed a lot in the past few years and to be successful, it is important to fortify oneself with the latest tools, knowledge and training to be the change we all wish to see in our communities. Through IPA’s courses, one can take a deep dive into the ups and downs of integrative medicine, leadership, and other core fundamentals that can prove to make a provider or practice more successful in the end.


It is the age of information technology overload with no way to escape it – why not embrace it? Familiarize oneself with the world of modern technology by opting for one of these courses in any one or more emerging technologies in the integrative healthcare space. Explore EHR, cloud computing, cyber security, networking, data management, and more with the help of experts.


Our courses are designed to empower providers with the most-up-to-date knowledge, tools and training to keep up with the demands of the world of business management. Providers will learn how to manage every stage of the business, including best practices, and management across a broad scope of topics including time, scope, communication, and budget, among other topics.


Public relations, communications, social media marketing and analysis have become essential components of any business’ primary strategy. Our courses will familiarize you with the various pathways one needs to take to maintain a successful public image and marketing campaigns and how to get the most when capitalizing on them.


Global health policies, philosophies, best practices, legal issues, and a number of other related  and in demand subjects – the international healthcare systems are examined while the courses build providers’ knowledge and skills in their field simultaneously expanding their understanding of why it’s essential to take individual micro-steps in a unified direction redirecting healthcare.


From basic clinic management to the public-utility healthcare model, IPA.Education combines the most up-to-date solutions with the most-proven systems to enhance and empower the future of healthcare in a direction more inclusive of all.

One can also choose among the various types of courses based on the degree of training they require and the amount of time they wish to dedicate:

Expert-Developed Courses: IPA.Education provides modules that are typically longer and more thorough courses than providers are used to, however, this is intentional to provide tools that can be immediately put to use redirecting healthcare in the communities in which we serve. All content is delivered by experienced and knowledgeable experts at IPA, and IPA.Education, and the specialists IPA recruits for a particular course.

Certificate Courses: This collection of shorter, self paced courses allow one to work at their own pace, developing their knowledge and skills the way they want to.