David Bearman, MD

Author and Lecturer

Since 2001 Dr. Bearman has been in private practice with an emphasis on pain management and cannabinoid medicine, while holding various elected and appointed public service roles along the way. Dr. Bearman is a co-founder and the Executive Vice President and board Member the American Academy of Cannabinoid Medicine (AACM) and is an Advisory Board Member for Patients Out of Time. In addition to his roles as a public healthcare professional, Dr. Bearman serves as Director for the Goleta West Sanitary District in California.

Professionally, Dr. Bearman is a former member of the Board of Directors of;

  • Americans for Safe Access
  • Orange Cove Migrant Health Clinic,
  • Seattle Open Door Clinic (Speakers Bureau)
  • Isla Vista Medical Clinic (founder, administrator and head physician)

Professionally, Dr. Bearman has served as a government official (former, elected and/or appointed) serving as;

  • Officer in the United States Public Health Service
  • Director of Health Services at San Diego State University
  • Director of Health Services Department, and Medical Director, CenCal (the oldest Medicaid Managed Care program in the country)
  • Health Officer and Director of the Sutter County Health Department
  • Isla Vista Community Councilman
  • Director, Goleta West Sanitary District (Currently Serving Too)
  • Director, Goleta Water District.

Professionally, Dr. Bearman has served in a government relations (former) role for;

  • Deputy Director for Intergovernmental and Interorganizational Relations with Santa Barbara Regional Health Association.
  • American Academy of Cannabinoid Medicine

A published author, researcher and expert witness 

“Demons Discrimination and Dollars: A Brief History of the Origins of American Drug Laws”

“CANNABIS MEDICINE: A Guide to The Practice of Cannabinoid Medicine.”

“Drugs are NOT The Devil’s Tools: Greed, Discrimination and the War On Drugs; How medical marijuana is changing the paradigm.”

A Seasoned Presenter, and Renown Speaker

Dr. Bearman is known for delivering Cannabis and cannabinoid medical presentations, including for the International Cannabinoid Research Society, Patients Out of Time, American Public Health Association, Pacific Coast College Health Association, Balboa Naval Hospital Pediatric Grand Rounds, University Hospital (University of California at San Diego) Grand Rounds, University of Wisconsin School of Medicine, San Luis Obispo County Bar Association, Santa Barbara Rotary Club, California Toxicology Association, Kaiser/St. Theresa Hospital Grand Rounds, Cottage Hospital Grand Rounds, Community Hospital Grand Rounds, Otsago Medical School Grand Rounds. Presentations throughout the U.S. and in Australia, New Z,ealand and Costa Rica, respectively.

An Experienced Teacher

Taught pharmacology of psychoactive drugs at University of San Francisco, University of California at Santa Barbara and San Diego State University. I have over 50 years experience providing drug abuse treatment and prevention, Director Haight Asbury Drug Treatment Program, Consultant to the National PTA, Consultant to NIDA on Rural Drug Abuse. Medical Director Zona Seca Drug Treatment Program. Received a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation grant to develop and intervention program for dual diagnosis. Published in the Harvard Business Review on drug testing.

An Award Winning Innovator

Dr. Bearman’s awards include the Santa Barbara Medical Society Humanitarian Award, the Santa Barbara Neighborhood Clinic’s Health Care Hero Award, the Wall Street Journal Health Blog, Doctor of the Day Recognition, NORML Peter McWilliams Memorial Award. ASA Dr. Michael Alcamay Memorial Award. One of LinkedIn’s 2018 Top Voices in Heath Care, an annual list recognizing the most engaging creators on LinkedIn. Named “Doctor of the Day” by The Wall Street Journal Health blog.

An Expert Witness 

Dr. Bearman has served as an expert witness in over 500 civil, criminal and family law cases. Many have involved quality of care, drug abuse treatment and pharmacology of psychoactive drugs and the physiologic effects of these drugs. Provided testimony to the Iowa board of Pharmacy and Wisconsin State Senate Health Committee, as well as the Joint meeting of Maryland House of Delegates Judiciary Committee, and the Member State of Ohio Condition Committee testifying for the Ohio State marijuana law committee. Dr. Bearman has provided advice to Utah lawmakers on medical cannabis, and has contributed to pioneering the development of (Endo)Cannabinology as a specialty.

For more information, please visit: aacm.info

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