Julie Monteiro, RN, BSK

President, Integrative Providers Association

The IPA’s charter founding President, Julie Monteiro, RN, BSK is a career educator, trained and certified professional patient advocate and is an emergency room trauma nurse (TNCC) specializing in pediatrics (PEDS) and pediatric advanced life support (PALS). Since March of 2021, Nurse Monteiro has served as the Co-Chair of the Integrative Providers Association Education Committee, and also sits on the Board of Trustees for the member organization. 

Since 2019, Nurse Monteiro has also served as the Board President of Compassion Center, a 501(c)(3) public charity medical management services organization (MSO) specializing in  professional education, patient advocacy and healthcare innovations, founded in 2001. Compassion Center empowers both underserved communities and patients suffering from categorically complex conditions with improved access or otherwise affordable healthcare solutions. Nurse Monteiro’s leadership in these roles has proven to be instrumental for each of these organizations resulting in a variety of professional advocacy and educational expansions including but not limited to accreditation and a joint-providership with the University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine. Nurse Monteiro always leads with her heart and the purest intentions taking great pride in stimulating growth amongst herself, her colleagues, her patients and her community. 

A career pediatric ER trauma nurse, Nurse Monteiro has been training and certifying other healthcare professionals in a variety of advanced specialties for more than 15 years, and counting. Professionally, Nurse Monteiro started transitioning from bedside-nursing in 2010 and started focusing on research, advocacy, lobbying and education, eventually leaving the bedside care in 2014 in order to heal from traumas.  Nurse Monteiro has helped steer, develop and implement a series of successful policies and solutions on behalf of providers, patients and the community at-large, for the health, safety and betterment of tomorrow.

Background: In 2010, Nurse Monteiro was in a severe motor vehicle accident resulting in a long road to recovery and a new found way to discovery. As a founding advocate and healthcare educator, and nonprofit lobbyist, for WECAN (Wellness Education Cannabis Activists of Nevada), Nurse Monteiro recognized a growing trend in misinformation regarding medical cannabis and what it could and could not do for patients, especially in regards to therapeutic efficacy and how it was perceived in the realms of healthcare and legislation. Taking every opportunity to either learn better or set the record straight, Nurse Monteiro became a recognized figure in the “Cannabis Nurses” trend catalyzing a series of programs and organizations that continue on today. These experiences resulted in the eventual founding of; Cannabis Nurses Magazine, which had its own series of spin offs like the Cannabis Nurses Network and the Cannabis Nurses Network Conferences which gave her the experience and courage to start the 501(c)(4) organization, Coalition for Patient Rights (CPR), known for promoting and fostering a Patient Bill of Rights in Nevada, and the Integrative Providers Association, in an effort to Discover, Educate, Unite and Empower Integrative Medicine. 

An innovator in audience captivation, engagement, edutainment and content retention, Nurse Monteiro is responsible for the development of a variety of programs that empower both patients and providers with the latest in wellness optimization, diagnostics and tools to deliver a higher standard of care. Nurse Monteiro believes that education is the key to changing the broken healthcare system.

Today, in addition to her roles at Compassion Center and the IPA, Nurse Monteiro serves as a charter founding member, trustee and officer of the IPA’s companion PAC, Coalition for Patient Rights. Nurse Monteiro is an innovator, and exceptional leader that lives by the example she sets and brings joy to this world. 

For more information, please visit: IntegrativeProvidersAssociation.org

For more information, please visit: Compassion-Center.org

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California SB311: Ryan's Law Takes Effect
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